Financial Policy

POLICY: Aesthetic Center Financial Fee

PURPOSE: Compensate the Aesthetic providers for their time. All cosmetic procedures offered by Aesthetic Center of Atlanta ENT are self-pay, cash procedures. Such procedures are not covered by insurance. Financing options are available.


Cosmetic Consult: The physicians of The Aesthetic & Plastic Center of Atlanta ENT offer a 60-minute cosmetic consultation free of charge as a courtesy to their new patients. However, there is a $150.00 credit card deposit (fully refundable) at the time the patient schedules the appointment. This deposit reserves an hour of the physician’s time exclusively for that patient. The deposit may be applied to any available products, services or procedures performed at The Aesthetic & Plastic Center of Atlanta ENT. If the patient elects not to pursue any procedures or purchase any products, the deposit will be refunded back to the patient’s card the day of their visit. Should the patient need to reschedule their consultation, we ask for 48 hours’ notice, prior to their scheduled appointment. If the patient cancels the appointment with at least 48 hours’ notice, the patient will be given a full refund of the reservation deposit. If the patient cancels with less than 48 hours’ notice, we will be unable to refund the reservation deposit.

If a patient is being seen for a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) consult, the interior part of the nose will be examined with a very small camera to assist the physician to develop the best and most individualized treatment plan. This nasal exam is called a “nasal endoscopy” and is considered a procedure. Although the consultation visit is free of charge, the nasal endoscopy will be billed to the patient’s insurance carrier. It could be subject to a co-pay, co-insurance or deductible. The staff of The Aesthetic Center of Atlanta ENT will inform the patient of an estimated financial responsibility.

The consultation will include a comprehensive medical history, recommendations for surgical or non-surgical options, answering all questions and establishing expectations. The physician will develop a customized treatment plan specific to the patient goals. The patient will be given an itemized cost estimate for the anticipated procedures or treatments.

Office Based Procedures: All in-office procedures or treatments such as injectable, fillers, etc. are payable in full at the time the service is rendered.

Surgical Procedures: All surgical fees are to be paid in full prior to the day of surgery. A $500.00 to $1,000.00 reservation deposit (depending on the surgical procedure) is required at the time the procedure is scheduled to hold the surgery date. This reservation deposit will be applied to total cost of the surgeon’s fee for the procedure.

If the patient is unable to keep the agreed upon surgical date, the patient must notify the office at least 3 weeks prior to the surgery date. The procedure can be rescheduled at no additional deposit.

If the patient reschedules the surgery with less than 3 weeks’ notice, the patient will be required to pay 25% of the total surgeon’s fee at the time of the new booking. This partial payment is non-refundable.

If the patient has to cancel due to unforeseen medical reasons or for a personal or family emergency at any time prior to the surgery date, the patient will need to provide a doctor’s note stating that their surgery could not safely be performed due to their medical condition. We will then refund the patient all fees except for the reservation deposit, which can be applied to the new surgery date.

If the patient cancels the surgery more than 3 weeks prior to the day of surgery without rescheduling, the reservation fee will be fully refunded to the patient.

If the patient cancels the surgery with less than 3 weeks’ notice, without a doctor’s note, without a family or personal emergency, and without rescheduling the procedure, the reservation fee will not be refunded.

Surgeries that are performed at a hospital facility or out-patient surgical center have other associated costs including facility fees, anesthesia fees and possible implant fees. The staff of The Aesthetic Center of Atlanta ENT will be happy to assist the patient in contacting the appropriate person at the facility.  The patient will need to discuss financial arrangements for those fees with the facility.

The Aesthetic Center of Atlanta ENT will discuss any financial arrangements for the surgeon’s fees with the patient.

Payment Methods: The Financial Councilor or Surgical Coordinator for The Aesthetic Center of Atlanta ENT will notify the patient that we accept all major credit cards, pre-paid medical accounts (HAS or FSA) cards, Care Credit, cashier’s check, money order or cash. Personal checks for cosmetic procedures will only be accepted 3 weeks prior to the scheduled procedure date. The Aesthetic Center of Atlanta ENT does not accept post- dated check, hold checks or delay credit card processing.