Meet Alison O’Neil

Alison O'Neil

Beloved by her patients and colleagues, Alison is a recognized pioneer in the fields of Medical Esthetics and Aesthetic Rehabilitation. For over 30 years she has dedicated herself to providing hands-on care and knowledge on clinical skincare & counseling to thousands of clients and educating fellow professionals.

After training for 8 years, and working with more than 30 renowned dermatologists & plastic surgeons, beyond being a licensed esthetician, she holds an advanced specialization in Clinical Skin Care and Aesthetic Rehabilitation. Ms.O’ Neil holds a B.S. degree in Mental Health and Human Services with a unique specialization in The Psychology of Appearance and Cosmetic Treatments. She developed the first Dermatologic Rehabilitation Clinic in the country at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Her beloved patients range from 8 to 108.

She is a noted expert on WebMD and nationally recognized in the media. The esteemed list includes The Atlantan, Jezebel, Huffington Post, Self, Mademoiselle, Woman’s Day, American Health, Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country magazines as well as several major newspapers and television networks including CNN, TBS, and ABC & NBC.

Alison’s work also touches the community. Her charity, Beauty Becomes You™ whose mission is to Prevent Failure to Thrive Syndrome in older adults and caregivers is accomplished by providing Aesthetic Health and Hygiene services. This work reminds them that they are worthwhile and lifts the spirits of the recipients as well as volunteers. This results in older adults eating better, taking their medications and dressing daily with greater pride leading to increased socialization. It reminds them that they are worthwhile. For her works, Alison was selected out of more than 6300 Charity Founders and was awarded the L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth award. Over 500 professional volunteers & students have served more than 5000 senior adults over 15,000 in-kind services since 2006.

What Alison can do for you?

The art and science of Clinical skincare and Coaching services focus on the individual care considerations for each patient. Evaluating the specific needs of each person, providing clinical treatments specific to each skincare need and recommendations for at-home care and daily practices are key. There is a clinical side to skincare and there is a person-centered component that makes everything work on behalf of each individual Alison sees. Her relationships with her patients make all the difference to their success. She sincerely cares and because of this quality coupled with her knowledge of skin, many of her patients have been trusting her and benefitting for decades.

Alison knows that products recommended should feel good, they should work and they must be affordable. Some products are in the office while others you will find in drug stores or on-line.
Acne care, anti-aging and geriatric aesthetics are a few of her specialties.

Acne Care: Consultation, treatment, acne surgery, at-home care and coaching. Coordinating the care with medical treatment is one option. Alternative care is always an option and at some levels of acne no medical intervention is needed. Gentle care through pregnancy is also available. And young patients who are just learning about how to care for their skin truly enjoy working with Alison.

Anti-Aging: Prevention, correction or maintenance? All can be easily and adequately addressed.

Geriatric Aesthetics and Sensitive Skin Concerns: Alison is the pioneer in working with the fragility issues of older skin. And her own skin sensitivities started her in her career and continue to guide her recognition of what is needed to heal sensitive skin and the person who lives in it.

2013 L'Oreal Paris Woman of Worth Nominee