Chin Implant

Facial balance and harmony through proper proportions are important aspects of the aesthetic appearance of the face. Chin implants are an important aspect to improving the facial profile in patients with a small and/or recessed chin.

What can be accomplished with a chin implant?

For an individual with a small or recessed chin that is not in correct proportion to the rest of the face (especially the nose), a chin implant contributes to restoring overall facial harmony and balance.

This procedure cannot correct a jaw deformity or tooth malocclusion (underbite or overbite) but is an excellent choice for an individual with a normal facial structure that just needs more chin projection to balance the remainder of the facial features (forehead and nose).

Who is a good candidate for a chin implant?

Your surgeon will review your medical history and make sure that there are no illnesses or medical conditions that would make this procedure unduly risky. As well as taking into consideration your overall health the following factors are important to determine how this procedure will affect you:

  • Small or receding ching
  • Normal sized mandible (jaw)
  • Normal bite/occlusion – upper and lower meet up correctly
  • Good general health
  • Non-smoker – non-smokers heal faster than smokers and have a lower risk of infection.
  • Generally physically healthy
  • Must have reached physical maturity and no longer be growing.
  • Realistic expectations for improvement of facial contours

Surgical Procedure

A chin implant can be performed under mild sedation or local anesthetic only if performed as an independent procedure. The incision can be made either under the chin or inside the mouth. The chin implant is placed into a tight pocket right onto the jaw bone. There are different materials that can be used as a chin implant, including silicone, Medpor, and Mersilene mesh. Dr. Walker typically uses silicone. Either placement will result in a minimal and well concealed scar. This procedure is commonly performed along with a rhinoplasty (nose job), facelift, neck lift or liposuction.


You should expect to be away from work and recovering from your procedure for about 5 to 7 days. Swelling and bruising may take several weeks to completely subside, at which time you will be able to see the full extent of the change to your facial contours.

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