To achieve your optimum skin health is similar to achieving your body’s physical fitness. Exercising daily, the healthy skin care habits specific to your skin, is key to looking and feeling your best.

It is highly recommended that a 6-month goal plan be put in place to further provide the increased likelihood of positive outcomes. Regular visits are encouraged, and these packages also offer incentive and encourage continued healthy skin care.

Individual Treatment Options and Personal Care Packages

Skin Wellness Treatment w/coaching for Acne & Sensitive Skin
(includes Cryotherapy)
Individual treatment $125 / Package = 6 treatments $625
Skin Wellness w/coaching Lactic Acid Peel
(includes Cryotherapy)
Individual treatment $150 / Package = 6 treatments $750
Skin Refining
(includes Cryotherapy) (Glycolic Acid / Strontium)
Individual treatment $225 / Package = 6 treatments $1125
All Clear - Skin Enhancement
(Glycolic Acid / Strontium with IPL (includes Cryotherapy) V/P)
Individual treatment $350 / Package = 6 treatments $1750
Skin Therapy IPL - Skin Tightening (ST) OR Vascular & Pigmentation (V/P)
Individual Treatment $250 / Package = 6 treatments: $1250)
OR Dual ST & V/P $400 Individual Treatment / Package = 6 treatments $2000
Single Treatments:
Acne SPOT Care (2-3) - $65
Cryotherapy - $65
All treatments combine clinical treatment with home care routine and advisement. Skin care coaching is also included to ensure all clients receive the adequate support in reaching and maintaining their skin wellness goals that often require behavioral or skin care routine changes as well as product choices. The intention for these sessions will not be reached if a session is missed. Therefore, any session paid for but missed will be lost.
You have up to 6 weeks after each treatment to complete the following treatment in the package.
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